Diamond loom band tutorial

Diamond loom band bracelet

How to make a diamond loom band bracelet

Diamond loom band tutorial


In this Diamond loom band tutorial we’ll be using a capping band at the end instead of half a diamond and show in the above video.

rainblow loom design  applying loom bands


Apply your bands in the above order til you reach the end of your single loom board, you can either use the same colour for each diamond or you can use two colours as shown in the video.  We have used an extended Loom board for this tutorial and have made this design long enough to fit an adults arm.  When you reach the end, add a capping band (band twisted into a figure 8 and folded over) over the last diamond point.  Now you are ready to turn your loom board around and start looming.

looping order   diamond band tutorial

General rule of looming (unless otherwise instructed) you always loom the first band on each pin, in other words under the red capping band the green band to the left was above the green band to the right, therefore we loom the left first.  If you applied the bands as per the order instructed in step 1, the looming order should be as the image above.

Once you are finished looming all your bands it should look like the picture on the right, and you’re ready to hook in your end band and pull your bracelet off.

Happy looming 🙂
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