Google Catapults the Loom Band Obsession!

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Google Rates Loom Bands 10 out of 10

Just a little bit of research on the topic of Loom bands has uncovered some really fascinating facts about these simple silicone wristbands. Only 6 months ago, there were less than 50 searches done on Google per month, however this new obsession has seen an increase of over 10 000 searches per month for Loom bands on Google in South Africa alone.

Before the internet, trends tended to move across continents at a snail’s pace, if they even moved at all. It’s safe to say that this unique hobby went viral in a matter of months, and it’s easy to see why. If it weren’t as much fun as it is, these silicone wristbands and their accompanying weaving techniques wouldn’t have moved an inch from their humble beginnings in Michigan in 2011.

Luckily, with the help of both the internet and Google:

• Users can easily search for, and find an array of colours, kits and patterns online, as well as many valuable instructional guides at your fingertips on how to weave these silicone waistbands into a wave of pleasure for the littlies.

• Loom bands are now readily available in South Africa and you can order them right here at

• We also have all the best Loom band tutorials right here to help you learn all the coolest weaving techniques.

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• We will even help you throw a Loom band party.

Now that you are in the know, weaving loom bracelets has never been more exciting. There’s no need to miss a stitch ever again; is your complete portal to looming fun!

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