Loom Bands Change Lives

Rhino Loom Bands

From Loom Band Bracelet Maker to Entrepreneur

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Loom Band Fundraising to Save our Rhinos

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Now It’s Your Turn to Loom

Single Loom Bracelets

Our first Loom Band beginner bracelet pattern is the Single loom bracelet. It is undoubtedly the easiest of the lot, and we highly recommend you begin your Loom Band adventure with this bracelet. This bracelet is ideal for getting your head around the basic premise of looming.

Triple Single Loom Bracelets

Now that you have mastered the Single loom bracelet, have a look at the Triple Single Loom Band bracelet. This bracelet takes the Single to a new level, without leaving you behind. Here you can start experimenting with your Loom Band colours by grading them from light to dark.

Fishtail Loom Bracelets

The next bracelet is the Fishtail. As with the Single loom bracelet, you can use a mini loom tool, or you can use your loom board. This bracelet looks especially cool when you use lots of colours but you can also alternate between two colours. Melissa and Mark added letter beads to their designs to spell out the word rhino!

Now that you are ready to step things up a little, check out the Inverted Fishtail loom bracelet. In this tutorial Sarah uses quite a few colours in a unique way, the white looks great against the other colours!

Chevron Loom Bracelets

When making the Chevron bracelet you will use three pins on your loom board, but it’s no more difficult than the other bracelets. The Chevron bracelet only looks more complicated than it is because the pattern created by the technique is rather elaborate. That’s what makes this bracelet so pretty though.

Frilly Braid Loom Bracelets

The last bracelet on our list is the Frilly Braid bracelet. This bracelet is a little more complicated than the previous bracelets listed, but it’s absolutely worth learning how to make because it is so pretty!

Kaleidoscope Loom Bracelets

Now that you have graduated from the most basic tutorials, to a new level of looming mastery, you can experiment with a 3D Loom Band design. This Kaleidoscope Turtle tutorial has been re-pinned over 3600 times!

Now that you know exactly what you are doing with your Loom Bands, why not take it to the next level? Indulge your entrepreneurial fantasies and sell your awesome Loom Band bracelets for some extra bucks, just like Mark and Melissa.

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