Fuchsia Rainbow loom rubber bands

R49.00 R34.30


Fuchsia Rainbow loom rubber bands

R49.00 R34.30

Fuchsia Rainbow loom rubber bands

Each bag consists of more than 600 pieces of specially-made latex-free rubber bands. Makes up to 24 “single” patterned bracelets. A bag of C-clips is included with every bag of rubber band to secure the bracelets. Since rubber bands are squishy, the package size may appear smaller.

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Fuchsia Rainbow loom rubber bands – 600pcs

600 + authentic Fuchsia Rainbow loom rubber bands

Rainbow Loom® bands

24 C-Clips

All authentic Rainbow Loom® products, including this product, have been certified to not contain harmful phthalates or other harmful substances, and meet U.S. government toy safety standards.

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Weight 47 g


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