Silicone vs. Rubber and cheap vs. quality loom bands

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What are the actual differences between these loom bands?

Quality versus cheap loom bands

So you buy a few bags and excitedly you start looming with your new loom bands and then whoops, one of them snap, oops and another one. As a loomaholic there is nothing worse than snapping a band half way through a creation never mind snapping a few.
You may often have a perfectly fine bag and sometimes be unfortunate enough to purchase a bag where half the bands snap. ez trade binary options

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Silicone versus Rubber loom bands

  • Silicone loom bands are slightly more expensive than Rubber loom bands
  • Silicone bands last longer than rubber bands
  • The quality of silicone loom bands is better than rubber bands
  • Silicone bands definitely have a nicer end result with some of your easy bracelets iq option how to make money

  • Rubber bands are much better to work with, especially with the more intermediate and advanced loom band designs
  • Rubber loom bands stretch much better than silicone
  • Silicone bands put strain on your hook and if you don’t have a metal loom hook you’re most likely to snap a few of your plastic hooks
  • Our rubber band colour selection is greater
  • There are a few designs that have a better end result than silicone binary options pro signals test binary options indicators that work

Happy looming.

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