Starburst loom band tutorial

starburst bracelet

How to make a Starburst loom band bracelet

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The Starburst loom band tutorial

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 How to make the Starburst bracelet.

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starburst tutorial

Now you can turn your loom around and start looming all your bands starting with your stars.
Always hook the first star band (the one in the centre row closest to you) off the outside pin and onto the centre pin, the rest of the bands you’ll loop off the centre pin to the outer pin in a anti-clockwise direction as shown below and to the right:

starburst looming  starburst order

Once you have finished all your stars you can now loop your border.  Grab the top band and loop it onto the pin it comes from diagonally left, continue to the top and then repeat the process on the right.


You are now ready to pull your bracelet off the loom but before you do put your hook through all the bands at the end and grap a new band and pull it through, then hook the other side of the band over your hook as shown in the images below:

end of starbursthookpull loomband bracelet


You’ll need to make an extension in order for the bracelet to fit.


Happy looming 🙂
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