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My favorite 10 design from the Loomatic’s Interactive Guide Volume 1.

1) Diamond Bracelet

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  • (A) 14 Purple bands
  • (B) 12 Pink bands
  • (C) 12 Orange bands
  • (D) 12 Green bands
  •      one “C” clip

2) Holiday Bracelet

fox fx accessory bag large This is a nice this bracelet .You would use two colors for this tutorial, in total you would use 78 bands. The book is very easy to read and if you do get lost try and find the video on YouTube and would give you a better understanding. For this bracelet you would use a total of:

  • (A) 36 Green Bands
  • (B) 36 Red bands
  • 6 chain bands color of your choice
  •  one “C” clip

3) Rose Garden Bracelet

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  • (A) 10 Green bands
  • (B) 40 Red bands
  • (C) 24 Pink bands
  •  one “C” clip
  • If you would add the “leaves” you would need a extra 16 Green bands

4) Honey Bee Bracelet price action for binary options

  • (B) 16 Red bands
  • (C) 4 Pink bands
  • (D) 2 Black bands
  • (E) 8 Yellow bands
  • (F) 2 White bands
  •  one “C” clip

5) Star Burst Bracelet binary options currency trading hours The colors given to you in the book are only 3 different colors, if you are having difficulty looping this bracelet, try using six different coloured bands in each Star Burst until you get the hang of it. You may also find it easier to use a different colored Cap band for each Star Burst. To also help you when placing the bands for the Star Burst, the order in which they are placed is very burst rainbow loom bracelet The first band is placed in the 2 o’clock position and then you rotate clockwise until you reach 12 o’clock. The same goes out when you are looping the Star Burst start looping from 6 o’clock position. Experiment with different colors for each Star Burst. For this bracelet you would use a total of:

  • (A) 34 White bands
  • (B) 18 Red bands
  • (C) 18 Blue bands
  • Additional 6 bands for the chain
  •  one “C” clip

6) Flower Power Bracelet binary options boss

  • (A) 38 White bands
  • (B) 21 Pink bands
  • (C) 21 Purple bands
  • 6 additional bands for he extension bands
  •  one “C” clip

7)Bird Of Paradise Bracelet

  • (A) 48 Blue bands
  • (B) 12 Green bands
  • (C) 20 Orange bands
  •  one “C” clip
  • 6 Additional chain bands

8) Totem Pole Bracelet

This is an advanced level bracelet. I adore this design, it is not too complicated. You would use a total of 76 bands. You can use any colors you like in this book she has used brown orange and yellow,totem pole rainbow loom bracelet if you get stuck dont forget that all of the designs are on YouTube. For this bracelet you will use a total of :

  • (A) 38 Brown bands
  • (B) 22 Orange bands
  • (C) 20 Yellow bands
  •  one “C” clip
  • 6 Additional bands for the chain

9) Confetti Criss-Cross Bracelet

This is an Advanced level bracelet. This bracelet is a nice firm bracelet,confetti criss cross rainbow loom bracelet if you struggle to add a Cap band it will be easier to wrap your band on a lip gloss or a end of a lip balm tube 4 times, and then put the lip balm tube over the pin and push the Cap band onto the pin. For this bracelet you would use a total of 67 bands:

  • (A) 28 Black bands
  • (B) 22 White bands
  • (C) 6 Red bands
  • (D) 5 Blue bands
  •  one “C” clip
  • 6 Additional bands for chain

10) Hibiscus Bracelet

This is an Advanced level bracelet. This bracelet is such a nice design, it was even on the TODAY show on the 8/15/2013. You can make this design any colour you chose in the YouTube video they used there colours,hibiscus rainbow loom bracelet

would be easier if you do there colours at first and then use the colors you choose. in this design you would use a total of 105 bands, so make sure you have enough bands to do this tutorial. For this bracelet you would need a total of:

  • (A) 30 Pink bands
  • (B) 15 Orange bands
  • (C) 15 Neon Orange bands
  • (D) 23 Green bands
  •  Six “C” clip
  • 12 Additional bands for the chain

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