What’s New In The Loom Band Shop and Why We Like It

Colourful Loomband watches

By now we are all well aware that the South African Loom Band obsession is in full swing – as is spring. Here at Loomband.co.za we are not only Loom Band obsessed, but also constantly on the lookout for cool new looming gear and, as luck would have it our awesome new stock landed just in time for spring.

Get ready for a multi-colour Loom Band explosion

On everybody’s lips this season are the words ‘tie dye’ and ‘camo’, if not, it’s time to get with it. Our warehouse is bursting with Tie Dye Loom Bands in an assortment of Army, Bubble Gum, Cherry Pop, Jungle and Rose Garden colours. In our Camo isle we have; Pink-Red, Red- Blue, Colourful, and Blue-Green coloured Loom Bands.

Red Blue Camo Loombands    Blue Green Camo Loombands

USA Tie Dye LoombandsRose Garden Tie Dye Loombands

Jungle Tie Dye Loombands  Colourful Tie Dye Loombands

Bubblegum Tie Dye LoombandsCherry Pop Tie Dye Loomband

These colourful mashups are bound to stir up some envy regardless of what you decide to loom with them. Perhaps we could suggest a Tie Dye Cherry Pop French Braid bracelet? Or maybe a Colourful Camo Double Braid bracelet? What about Tie Dye Jungle Inverted Fishtail bracelet?

If you’ve already beat us to it, and ordered your spring inspired loom bands from us, we’ve got something else that’s bound to impress you…

Keeping time has never been so Loomey

Loomey Time watches are all the buzz, the world over, and of course since we have our finger on the pulse we have brought in a ship load!

Seeing as we cater for boys and girls, we made sure we would have a wide array of Loomey Time watch colours to choose from. Black, blue, green, red, pink, purple and yellow watch faces which can all be used to create your own unique Loom Band inspired watch.

What’s better than having your unique Loomey timepiece? … Having several, of course! If you cannot bring yourself to choose only one colour, simply order a three pack and you can wear a different colour watch depending on your mood. Our three packs come in set of primary colours; red, blue and yellow, or pretty pink, purple and turquoise, and finally a pack with black, blue and green.

Loomey Time Loomband watches The back of a Loomey Time Loomband watch

If you’re still confused and you haven’t even started getting your Loom Band kit in order, have a look at the Monster Tail Loom Band Travel Kit.

Get up and goLoomband Travel Kit - 800 piece kit

Our new Travel Kit is the ultimate organised Loom Band kit. Even if you already have your kit together, there’s no good reason
why you don’t need:

  1. More Loom Bands (because you never have too many and they won’t go to waste),
  2. More S-clips
  3. And this ingenious and super organised PVC storage container with separate compartments for each colour.


Now that you know we have your best interests in mind; being organised, on time AND fashionable, you can loom your heart out without a worry in the world.

Looking for ideas on what to Loom next? Contact us for our next Loom Band workshop.


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