Making loom bands is fun enough on its own, but watching your children play with them for hours on end is a whole new game on its own.

This article is more for the mommy’s who are addicted to looming 😉

We know all too well how easily it is to become addicted to making loom band creations, and we are also aware of how playing with our childrens toys can raise eyebrows.

Well we have the perfect solution to this looming phenomenon scenario – Make your own loom band toys, and the next time your hubby says “are you looming again” just smile and say your daughter wanted “frozen” toys and you thought you’d loom them for her instead of buying some.


How to make loom band toys

  • Firstly decide on a theme, unless of course your child has already decided that for you.  As per above example we’ve created an ocean theme.
  • Go to youtube and search keywords specific to your theme, for example loom band fish tutorials, loom band mermaid, loom band sea, loom band beach etc.
  • Allow your child to make the designs they’ll cope with and you choose the more difficult ones.
  • Enjoy every second of the process and once completed with all your chosen designs give each creation a name if they aren’t a disney charactor or don’t already have a name
  • Sit back and watch your children have endless hours of fun pretend play.

Not only will making your own loom band toys allow for enjoyable parent/child bonding time but some of the many benefits for your child include:- appreciation, self value and improved self confidence over and above the social and educational skills developed from looming.

With thousands of online loom band video tutorials the possibilities are endless.

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Start your collection today with these few ideas:

Cartoon network frenzy, Frozen, in the zoo, animal parade, circus and the Avengers

Pg’s Loomacy offers awesome Avenger loom band tutorials.

If you’re an advanced loomer and have children that loved How to train your dragon, go ahead and try these amazing creations by Courtney Nicole from How to loom your dragon

how to loom your dragon