Looming fun at the kids colour funfest

We’ve admitted over and over how addicted to looming we are!! 
But at the kids colourfest hosted at Bedfordview Primary last saturday we soon realized that we aren’t the only ones.

I wasn’t sure what the kiddies liked more, making the bracelets or wearing the bracelets, nevertheless we had looming fun all day long.

making loom bands

love loom bands

Intrigued, fascinated – blown away are a few words I can use to describe for those who stopped by our stand and had no idea about the looming fun, diy bracelet making fad that has recently hit South Africa.  Ecstatic is one word I can use to describe how those who do know about loom band bracelet making reacted.

boys loom band braceletsWhat did surprise me though was just how much boys enjoyed making loom band bracelets, in-fact I could quite confidently say that they almost enjoyed it more than the girls!  Yup that’s right, we had two young guys who probably spent most the day with us making one bracelet after another, as well as many other young lads making atleast 2 bracelets.


Loom band bracelet making gravatation

We could only accommodate 6 children at a time, but there were so many young children and tweens gravitating to the loom band stand that we eventually put up and umbrella for the kiddies to sit under and make loom bracelets with their fingers.

There wasn’t one child who didn’t enjoy the looming fun.  Ok ok I lie, there seemed to be one child who got a bit bored 🙂 baby looming


Whether your child is already hooked, or perhaps even you – secretly!!  be sure to visit the tutorial section of our site regularly as we share atleast 5 tutorials a week.  And visit our online shop for all your loom band bracelet making supplies.

Have a looming fun weekend.