Silicone vs. Rubber and cheap vs. quality loom bands

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What are the actual differences between these loom bands?

Quality versus cheap loom bands

You find a little stall at the flea market that sells bags of bands at brilliant prices… SCORE!!! But what you don’t know is that they most likely aren’t latex free, ok so… your family isn’t allergic to latex and you don’t really mind the fact that they contain latex at these prices.
So you buy a few bags and excitedly you start looming with your new loom bands and then whoops, one of them snap, oops and another one. As a loomaholic there is nothing worse than snapping a band half way through a creation never mind snapping a few.
You may often have a perfectly fine bag and sometimes be unfortunate enough to purchase a bag where half the bands snap.

quality loom bandsBut there is more, and in my opinion the biggest difference – have you ever compared the end result of a creation using quality loom bands versus cheaper loom bands?


Let’s take the simplest bracelet design as an example, a single chain loom band bracelet. Applying the bands, looming and removing exactly the same way – is proof enough of the how bands make the world of difference in your final result.

Quality loom bands

When spending that bit extra you have a higher chance of getting latex free, snap free good quality loom bands.  The packaging is usually much nicer on the eye making the experience just a tad more exciting, and the collection should be bigger – much bigger.  Good quality loom bands at great prices may require a huge order resulting in a smaller selection.

Silicone versus Rubber loom bands

When deciding between silicone or rubber bands to loom with there are a few pointers to consider before making your choice.

  • Silicone loom bands are slightly more expensive than Rubber loom bands
  • Silicone bands last longer than rubber bands
  • The quality of silicone loom bands is better than rubber bands
  • Silicone bands definitely have a nicer end result with some of your easy bracelets


  • Rubber bands are much better to work with, especially with the more intermediate and advanced loom band designs
  • Rubber loom bands stretch much better than silicone
  • Silicone bands put strain on your hook and if you don’t have a metal loom hook you’re most likely to snap a few of your plastic hooks
  • Our rubber band colour selection is greater
  • There are a few designs that have a better end result than silicone

Ultimately it’s a preference thing, and you would need to work with both to decide which you prefer if you can’t make up your mind from the above pointers.  Personally I use rubber more, however I most certainly work a lot with silicone loom bands too.

View our selection of Rubber loom bands and Silicone loom bands

Hope this helps, if I’ve left anything out please leave a comment below.

Happy looming.

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