The Best Way To Go About Weaving Loom Bracelets

As with all arts and crafts projects, we find the best way to go about weaving loom bracelets, begins with being prepared from the get go. Once all the admin type stuff is out of the way it’s easier to just zone out, enjoy the process and get super creative. After all, that’s the part of the project that’s most enjoyable and relaxing. So have a look at out to do list before you get your weave on.



Choose a bracelet or a pattern

Figuring out exactly which pattern or bracelet you want to weave is undoubtedly the most difficult part of the process. There are just so many weaving techniques to choose from, but take your time, you will find one pattern that really sticks out and you will be weaving loom bracelets in two shakes of a lambs tail.



Watch the tutorial

Once you’ve picked your pattern the next step is to watch or read the tutorial. This way you can easily get your mind around the weaving techniques you will be using or learning while you are weaving your loom bracelets. It the same as reading a recipe before you start baking, it helps you to avoid missing any steps and getting confused. Also, if you want to change your mind and pick another pattern this is your chance.



Tools required

Once you’ve watched the tutorial, you know which tools you need so you can take your time to gather your looms or mini looms and loom hook. For safety reasons, if you don’t have a mini loom we recommend you use a fork or pens rather than your fingers. For more info have a look at step 2 on How to Make Loom Bracelets: 5 Tips to Getting Started.



Time needed to complete bracelet

Now that you have your tools together and you’ve watched the tutorial, you should have a rough idea of how much time you need to complete your chosen pattern. Set some time aside when you know you won’t be disrupted or racing against the clock so that you can really enjoy weaving your Loom Band bracelet without making mistakes.



Choosing colours

This is the part that’s really exciting. Pick out the colours you want to use in your weave. Consider which colours look really good together; match your outfit if you’re making a bracelet or which colours the person you are weaving a bracelet for would like. The tutorial should also give you an idea of how many different colours to use in order to get the best effect, but if you’re feeling really creative, there’s no reason why you can’t throw caution to the wind ad just use every colour in your kit.



Count out the bands you need

Now that you’ve picked your colours, it’s a good idea to count out how many bands you will need for your pattern. It’s easier if you do this because it will prevent you from weaving a bracelet that’s too long or from running out of Loom Bands halfway through your pattern.



Choosing additional accessories

Depending on the pattern you’ve chosen to weave you might want to pick out and add some accessories to really make your bracelet look cool. Choose from our assortment of colourful beads, letter beads or Loom Band charms. One accessory you must not forget is the S-clip or the C-clip, which you will need to secure the ends of your Loom Band bracelet.



Ready, set, weave!

Last but not least, you will probably need to watch the Loom Band tutorial again or while you are weaving, either way, you are ready to get started and weave away your afternoon or evening.



If you have any questions about weaving loom bracelets, or if you would just let to let us know how your project is going, leave a comment below.